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 Mehndi – Tradition or Fashion

                                        Seemi Saeed 


Mehndi (Henna) is renowned in East From centuries. In late instances it had been employed to dye the grey hair and also the hands of brides with the time of wedding. But as time passed its use grow to be modernized just like a great deal of other issues. Also technological innovation make it a lot more style oriented.

It may give rather and gorgeous colour not simply to hands but additionally each and every various area have its personal design of Mehndi like Arabic Mehndi, Indian styles of Mehndi, grecee design, Sudanic Mehndi design and so forth. All are diverse but a single widespread point they all have is the fact that each style uniquely give lovely color to hands and feet.


Mehndi can be used as conditioner by taking 1 cup Mehndi along with a cup of water boiled with tea leaves (alternatively, use tea bags). Then place that boiled water of tea in Mehndi also place some oil (olive Oil or Musterd Oil) in Mehndi and mix all of them. In the event the Mixture is thick then add some plain water to create it thin. Then location that mixture for sometime to blend sufficient. Following wards apply that Mehndi mixture inside your hair, leave for four to five hours after which wash the hair using a shampoo. Right after which you will really feel the distinction, your hair will really feel fresh not merely from outdoors but additionally from within they’ll breath. You’ll be able to reapply it following two to three months.

Mehndi has numerous makes use of now a days, like we’ve an incredibly renowned Mehndi function in our common Eastern wedding ceremonies.

In some households this function of Mehndi prolonged for any week or so, and acquiring several functions of Mayoh, Dholk and Sangeet. All these functions are of Mehndi function. In Mehndi function girls and ladies apply Mehndi at their hands and feet. Specially the elegance of Mehndi is really worth seeing on bride. Mehndi styles are particularly various for brides which tends to make her prominent amongst all other guests. Bride apply mehndi from hands to arms with complete cover of style. That tends to make her not just stunning but additionally give her glory of wedding on wedding day.


- Applying Mehndi

The historic artwork of mehndi, or applying henna has obtained a number of followers formerly ten years of so because of its overall flexibility and ease and comfort in relation to software through the henna. Also acknowledged like a type of short-term tattoo, the henna that is utilized on physique elements can also be incredibly appealing and alluring on the subject of seems, consequently they have emerged as fashion statements of their incredibly private. You’ll find a lot of great things about applying the henna inside your physique, as detailed less than:


- Henna tattoos are fully all-natural as henna is made of natural elements only, therefore they might be secured and hazard-free. You may use them like a ton when you ought to with out obtaining to problem on your own with unsafe side-effects which includes pores and skin challenges, opposite to other tattoos that may depart scars and damage the skin far too.


- All-natural henna also can be discovered to have a natural qualifications, consequently they display therapeutic features like therapeutic tendencies that help to soothe the pores and skin and ensure it is more healthy. Additionally they have cooling qualities, consequently males and females in very hot nations use henna to help awesome down the physique

- You’ll find various types to choose from after we communicate of mehndi, for example Indian mehndi, Pakistani mehndi and Arabic to identify three. Every single and each of people mehndi kinds are many, this also permits you to possess numerous alternate options and alternatives to select from in terms of style and layout. Indian mehndi is nearly absolutely effectively quite possibly the most well-liked option mainly because it’s therapeutic qualities, and will also be much less hard to fashion and utilize with your pores and skin.

- It actually is extremely very simple to establish typical henna powder, you would want ground henna leaves in powder variety, somewhat little bit of jasmine oil and boiling h2o to produce henna paste. You might also make a decision on to include other substances which include espresso (to crank out the paste thicker and darker) and lemon juice (to help protect the freshness with all the henna paste)


- Obtainable within a big variety of colors, since the desire for all-natural henna has enhanced significantly over the last ten years. Lately you’ll be able to uncover henna dye and henna coloring variants like black, brown, darkish red, darkish orange in addition to a amount of other people that take place to become the 2 lovely and desirable, exclusively for ones girls.

- Basic to use on physique components like legs and palms, just one essential reward of mehndi is going to be the truth which you could utilize henna inside your aspects conveniently and with no obtaining headache. You could use toothpicks, or ready-made stencils.



Courtesy: Seemi Saeed